Super Sales on Super Heroes

In a world full of super powers, Felix has a pretty crappy one.

He has the ability to modify any item he owns. To upgrade anything.

Sounds great on paper. Almost like a video game.

Except that the amount of power it takes to actually change, modify, or upgrade anything worthwhile is beyond his abilities.

With that in mind, Felix settled into a normal life. A normal job.

His entire world changes when the city he lives in is taken over by a Super Villain. Becoming a country of one city. A city state.

Surprisingly, not a whole lot changed. Politicians were still corrupt. Banks still held onto your money. And criminals still committed crime.

Though the black market has become more readily available.

And in that not so black market, Felix discovers he has a way to make his power useful after all, and grasps a hold of his chance with both hands.


My Opinion: About 350 pages, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Written by William D. Arand, author of the Otherlife LitRPG series. This novel is already super popular. As of this writing, it has over 90 reviews, most of which are five starts.

Felix lives in world of superheroes and villains. His town was recently taken over by the villains and all the heroes now have bounties on them. The city now allows all the vices you can imagine, including slavery.

Felix however, is only concerned with making a few extra bucks using his minor superpower, the power to modify anything he owns using an RPG like interface. One day he accidentally buys an enslaved superhero and decides to test his upgrade power on her. Then another and another.

A fair warning, the story is a bit haremy. There’s no graphic sex in the story or anything but the main character does happen to collect a lot of good looking women with super powers.

The first half of the story is really about resource management and social connections.  The main character has a limited amount of resources that renew each day and he has to decide how to best spend them to improve his situation. Is he going to improve the physical conditions of his supers? Or give them back their powers? Or give them new powers? Each new Super he buys also gains him more points he can use to upgrade things/people he owns. So he also has to weigh the cost of investing in new slaves versus making more money. This section of the story is great if you’re into resource management games.

Combat is minimal for most of the story. There are only a few times in the story when some other organization tries to kill the MC and his people.

However, the last 30% becomes a superhero brawl as the league of super heroes targets the MC and his growing organization. There are some really great fights here. The only complaint I have about this section is regarding the number of times it takes for the main character to get attacked before he goes on the offensive.

Overall, I had a great time reading the story and read it in one sitting. It is a little longer than it needs to be but that’s a minor issue. Personally, I love the early part of the story the most. The section that focuses on resource management, but I know it won’t appeal to everyone. However, more people will love all the super power action battles in the story.

Score: 8 out of 10.

Super Sales on Super Heroes