New Horizons (Emerilia Book 4)

Alliances and enemies are made, but the Stone Raiders keep their promise. They swore to themselves they would bring the Aleph back to Emerilia.

Secrets, powerful creatures and a hidden civilization wait for the Stone Raiders in the abandoned Aleph facilities and cities.

Will they be able to clear the Aleph facilities and complete their quest? Or will they be fated to fail?

One thing is for sure, the Stone Raiders won't give up easily.


My Opinion: 312 pages, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Dave is back and the Stone Raiders guild are still trying to clear and prepare the cities for the Aleph race to come back to. The final section is the Aleph college where a wicked and dug in Arch Lich resides.

Good action scenes, minimal crafting, introduction of new alliances with the Aleph, Beastmen, and Demons. But all that has been talked about in previous books.

This the serie’s upkeep and maintenance book. It happens with large stories like this where there are so many people, quests, events, and location. It’s happened with the Way of the Shaman series recently too.

This is the book where loose storylines are resolved, updates are given on places and people that were introduced in first few books but became less important to more recent plotlines.The author is cleansing the reader’s palette for upcoming stuff.  

There are still some new things that happen but they’re mostly glimpses into upcoming content: the war with demons at demons crater and some economic warfare.

Score: 7 out of 10

New Horizons (Emerilia Book 4)