Wardens of Syran

With the United States of America's cruel, media controlled society spiraling into an unbearable reality, those seeking a way out now have an opportunity to begin anew - Syran.

Syran is an alternate world created by Earth's richest and most successful video game developer, Jarrod Duncan. After shutting down his extremely popular MMORPG, or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, Jarrod created Syran, a living, breathing MMORPG filled with heroes, magic and mystical creatures. But Syran isn't just a video game that you can play on your free time. Once you enter Syran, you may never return to Earth.

Those who enter Syran will have no recollection of who they once were, nor will they have a choice in who they become. A teenage girl may become an Elvish man, or an adult male may become an Orcish female. No choice is given. For most, once they appear in Syran they begin a new, "normal" life. But for a small few, their new lives are far from normal.

These rare few, known as Wardens, are reborn with incredible, supernatural abilities. Since the birth of Syran, the world has been at peace with its inhabitants living in harmony. But that's all about to change...

It's up to Auran Crin, a confused, newly spawned Warden, to master his abilities and embark on a quest to save and protect his new home from a vicious darkness consuming Syran.

Reader Reviews:

Justin J.- I just finished the book... Writing Quality: C+/B-. Story: C+ (slightly predictable / overdone). Potential for sequel: High

Score: 5 out of  10.

Wardens of Syran