Hunter's Dream Online: Book 1: Ascension


With his chance to join the world's first VR MMORPG, Robin takes the class of necromancer in a world of constant conflict. Facing off against gods, monster and other players. Will he be able to stay the tide of destruction and save the village he swore to protect or will Ignis and his guild prevail and lay waste to the land? Join Robin, his undead companion Charon, and his friends as they take on the world and other players! Dungeons, pvp tournaments, large scale battles, and a deer leasing agent named Chester.This is Hunter's Dream.

My Opinion: 247 pages, $4.99, Available On Kindle Unlimited

A good slice of life story about a guy that is playing a fantasy VRMMO as a necromancer. He creates character, grinds XP, figures out his powers, and groups up for some quests. There's a novel goal and hints at something for a series but this is still action adventure. 

There are fairly regular technical writing issues. Mostly punctuation stuff like: Missing quotes, periods and commas in the wrong places, missing dialogue tags, small things like that. The author says that he’s fixed many issues, but it may not have been pushed to people with the novel already.

Combat is pretty good but occasionally disorganized and hard to follow. There are a couple instances of game mechanics not being followed exactly as described, but nothing story breaking. For the most part the RPG progression is nice and I liked where the necromancy class stuff went.

Overall, a fine middle of the road good slice of life LitRPG story with a necromancer MC. Perfect for anyone that wants a story they can pick up and put down at their leisure.

Score: 7.2 out of 10

Hunter's Dream Online: Book 1: Ascension