Dark Elf Chronicles Book 3 : Pathways


Mace and Shari continue to pursue their mission to eliminate the Black Flame. Nearing the city of Graf, they and the crew of the Sea Sprite were ambushed on the river. After suffering losses and stopping to make repairs, they have been approached by two drow thieves walking out of the woods. An epic battle awaits them in Graf, where they’ll try to eliminate Garya, the drow priestess who has become master of the Black Flame.

Griff and Lisa are leveling quickly so that they can join Mace and Shari at Darkstone. But they need to risk a trip to the real world surface for a food run, and are unaware that two monstrous zombie titans are awaiting them at the grocery store.

Another survivor is found! One with the skills and knowledge to potentially speed up the process of getting them all permanently uploaded into the game. But he’s far away, and facing real world challenges of his own.

The kingdom building continues, along with crafting, epic battles, diplomacy, new magic spells, legendary loot, and intrigue. But can all the humans survive the zombie apocalypse long enough to upload themselves?

My Opinion: 363 pages, $4.99, Available On Kindle Unlimited

The multi-narrative story continues, splitting story telling time between real life apocalypse threats and fantasy VRMMO adventure. The groups each have their own problems IRL and in game that they’re dealing with but are getting that much closer to at least coming together in game. Personally, I liked the addition of Tex, the rooting-tooting cyberneurologist. I also like how the author pimps his fibble merch in the story.

Game mechanic wise, there’s an expansion on the kingdom building stuff and crafting plus the usual action-adventure.

Overall, even though I liked the survivalist real life stuff a bit more than the VRMMO fantasy, I had a good time reading it.

Score: 7.5 out of 10

Dark Elf Chronicles Book 3 : Pathways