Daniel Schinhofen

Daniel Schinhofen - Q&A

I’m Ramon Mejia, host of the LitRPG Podcast, I’m here today with Daniel Schinhofen, author of the Alpha World series, Apocalypse Gate series, and the Last Horizon novels. 
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We’re doing a live Q&A session celebrating Daniel hitting a goal on his author facebook page. 
So the two of us will be chatting and I’ll be asking him questions sent in from his readers as well as reading any comments or questions from the live audience.

Author Interview: Daniel Schinhofen

Today I have the pleasure of talking to an author who wrote a LitRPG series from a different perspective. He’s the author of the Last Horizon books, and the Alpha World series. Forming the Company (Alpha World Book 2) should be out by the time people are listening/watching this.

Also the audiobook for Last Horizon: Beta: Last Horizon Series, Book 1

Welcome to the podcast, Daniel Schinhofen.