Author Interview: Ryan 'Viken' Henning

Welcome everyone. I’m Ramon Mejia from Geek Bytes Podcast.

Today I had the honor of talking to Ryan 'Viken' Henning, the author of the Universe Online series. His story combines LitRPG and sci-fi in a creative and fun way. They have aspects of survival, community building, and exploration.  I’ve read all three of the novels in the series and loved every one of them.

Talking to Viken was a blast. We talked about his future plans for his stories, why he got into writing, and he answers some questions from the audience. Watch the interview to get all the details. 

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Twitter: @VikenHenning

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Book Links: Universe Online- Enter the Game: Part 1,  Universe Online- Enter the Game: Part 2;  Universe Online- Rise of the Rex: Part 1

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