Review of Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2= Aca-awesome!!!

By April Mejia

Quick Opinion

This is hands down the best feel good movie I’ve seen this year. I loved every line and joke from Rebel Wilson. Each and every song had me and most of the theatre singing along, especially ‘the cup song’. The movie had me feeling aca-awesome and when the movie ended I immediately wanted to watch the film again with my best friend. Overall, all the jokes (even the slightly offensive ones) from this movie will have you laughing so hard you'll cry! Even before leaving the theater you'll be going for your phone to download the soundtrack. Get your friends and watch this movie now.

Detailed Review

It's hard to put into words how amazingly well done this movie was without “major” spoilers. So, I won’t try. SPOILERS AHEAD!!

Here it goes, the movie begins with the Bellas performing for the President of the United States. Right away, their songs are amazing. Unfortunately, in any good redemption story we need our heroes first to fall from grace, which they do, in spectacular fashion. Let’s just say this event is termed Muff Gate and leave it at that. As a result, the Bellas only option is to perform at, and win, the Acapella World Championships to redeem themselves and keep from being disbanded.

Along the way, the Bellas lose both their confidence and unique ‘sound’ trying to emulate others. To get back their mojo they go on a retreat. There they find previous Bellas member Aubrey (Anna Camp- the one that threw up in the 1st movie) running the place! During their retreat, there are booby traps, and as Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) says “boobies should never be trapped.” Aubrey acts as a drill sergeant and has the team complete “death defying” obstacles while singing to build up the teams skills. This whole section is a lot like the first movie except that they added “death defying” obstacles. Aubrey even has the Bellas’ pitch whistle from the first film. Personally, this part of the movie was one of my favorites, I loved how they were all able to come together and talk about their future plans, or lack thereof. I loved Fat Amy’s solo performance of “We Belong” aimed at Bumper who tried to show no interest. Perhaps one of the funnier moments was when Fat Amy is getting ready to cross the street and a car stops in her way and there is this back and forth of who will go first. She yells at the car “I’m soloing here.”

Also like the first movie, there is a love story. This time around though the movie delivers two sweet love stories. In our first romance we have Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) and Bumper’s (Adam DeVine), which is an awkward relationship. In the end they make a good pair with all their comedic bantering. The second relationship develops between Benji (Ben Platt) and new Bellas member Emily (Hailee Steinfeld). They are both adorakably awkward flirting with each other.


In the end, their performance at the World Championships wows everyone! They decide not to go over the top with their performance and bring it back to what made them awesome in the first place. Simple choreography, amazing mash-ups, and an original song with some additional on stage guests. I loved how the Bellas brought back former generations of Bellas for their final performance. It was for lack of better words “Pitch Perfect.” It was the Bellas unique approach (an original song) that wins them the World Championships.

As always remember “You’re a ginger, that’s punishment enough.” – Fat Amy*


*Editor’s Note: The writer of this article is a proud red head and so are many of her friends.