Episode 39 – Thanksgiving is only in your Brain and Google Mortgage


We lost a bit of the podcast during editing this week. So it's just Geek News this week.

It’s Thanksgiving this week so before we begin, I just want to thank everyone that listens to the podcast every week and give a special thanks to the couple of people that donate to our Patreon. They donate $0.25 an episode or about $1 a month and it really does help cover the cost of putting up the podcast each month. From the bottom our hearts, Thank You.

In Geek News this week, we’ll talk about how Google could be your next mortgage broker, Blue Origin launches reusable rocket, Li-Fi being 100 time faster than Wi-Fi, how taste is based in brain not tongue, the new 128GB RAM Chip, Tom Cruise in the next Mummy Reboot, Trailers of the Week and More…

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