DragonCon 2019 Panel and Cosplay (Videos)

The LitRPG Podcast was at DragonCon this year and we not only visited plenty of vendors and our fellow LitRPG author’s groups, but also some of the panels they were on. It was soo fun to meet so many great authors, narrators, and fans. We recorded some of the panels as well as our travels around the con and all the amazing cosplay including some by our own narrators and fans. 

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Our Saturday Morning at DragonCon 2019


DragonCon 2019 Cosplay Highlights


DragonCon 2019 - Visions of the Future: YA Sci-fi Worldbuild


DragonCon 2019 - Delphic Oracle Clip


DragonCon 2019 - Heists, Road Trips, & Horror


DragonCon 2019 - All the Subs


DragonCon 2019 - The World & the Game: Where the Games We Play Meet the Books We Read


DragonCon 2019 - Giving the Book a Voice: Talking about Audiobooks