Join this group to get Charles Dean to sing us a song Live!


Charles Dean has issued a challenge. If his favorite fan group, Spoiled Rotten Readers gets 300 followers by the end of April, he will do some special performances that will be live broadcast for all to enjoy. In his own words:


If we reach 300 members for spoiled rotten readers by the end of April, I shall pull a Chris Johns and narrate / sing and little. I’ll try to rope Jeff Hays and Annnie into the narration, so we can do a mini play with one of the books. Don’t worry about them finding out, they ignore tags.


The group is currently at 251 of the needed 300 followers. So, if you’re like me and want to see the author of War Aeternus and the Bathrobe Knight do some fun skits and songs, please join the group. Full disclosure: Charles is a friend of mine and I really just want to see him do silly things live on the air.