Submit your Divine Dungeon Short Story


Mountaindale Press is taking submissions for an anthology set in the Divine Dungeon Universe. There are a bunch of details you’ll have to be aware of including a deadline for submission of March 25th. But this is a chance to write in your favorite story universe.

Details from the announcement:

Hey guys!

The time you’ve been waiting for is now here! Yay! 

The Divine Dungeon world is open to submissions!

I’m putting together a Divine Dungeon anthology that will come out later this year and I’m opening it up to all of you! Here’s the plan, submit a short story set in the Divine Dungeon world that follows a character C ranked or below. You can create your own character within the world or follow a canon character! If you choose a canon character, everyone is fair game if they are C rank or below, but if you select a member of Dale’s party you must stick to their back story (i.e. write about their history prior to their appearance in the Divine Dungeon). I’ll be contributing to this anthology as well with a part of The Master’s story!

☑️Four stories (besides mine) will be selected for the anthology

☑️Stories should be 8,000-12,000 words

☑️Stories must be original

☑️Authors are limited to one submission

☑️Stories MUST fit within the established world

☑️Stories must follow a character C rank or below – one that you create or a canon character, but if writing about a member of Dale’s party you must stick to their back story

☑️Stories should have little to no sexual content

☑️Because these stories are set in the Divine Dungeon world, unaccepted submissions cannot be published for monetary compensation of any form by the author

☑️Stories should have a strong ending (i.e. no cliffhanger)


All stories will be read by me and several other super fans. The four stories we like the best will be published and monetary compensation for the contributing authors discussed once selected! Deadline for submission is March 25th. Email your submission in using this link and under "reason for message" select "anthology": . Looking forward to reading your work!!


I’m speculating a little here, but this also may be a way for Mountaindale press to check out talent for an expanded universe too. Recently, the publishers of Viridian Gate Online released several expanded universe novels. Stories set in the VGO universe but written by new authors with original characters. However, they started with anthology submissions too. Mountaindale Press might be doing something similar. I don’t know that they are, this is speculation.