Vasily Mahanenko Plans for 2019


Vasily Mahanenko, author of the Way of the Shaman series, recently posted an update for his 2019 plans:

Hi all!

I'll tell you about my plans for 2019

This year should be the most productive for me. Two books have already been written (Galaktogon-2 and Invasion-1), I immediately write Galaktogon-3 to logically close the series. There will be Invasion-2 and, if everything goes well, the Alchemist-1 (RealRPG). These are the books that I write.

In addition, this year I will present to your attention the works that won in my literary contest "Fantasy" and "LitRPG". It is very likely that Bard-3 will also be in 2019.

Thus, the year 2019 will be for me and my readers the most intense of the books.