Aelterna Online download mix up

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Last month, book 2 in the Aelterna Online series was published. Unfortunately, some readers reported that instead of getting book 2, then just got a copy of book 1. I reached out to the author for a comment and he was nice enough to respond.

Thanks for reaching out, it’s appreciated.

Yes, there was an issue. Due to an error, the original Goddess Watch manuscript was uploaded instead of the Faithful Defender manuscript. The error lasted approximately 36 hours, from September 9th to the evening of September 10th. My VA brought it to my attention and uploaded the correct file but the damage was done. I was camping at the time and had no idea anything had gone wrong, and my editor who had sent the new file in didn’t check my email. Mistakes that won’t happen again.

The correct version is live now, and I’d appreciate any mention you can make. I am very sorry that this happened to people. As I’m Canadian and the Amazon Canada site doesn’t allow gifting, I am limited in what I can do. I believe that if readers delete the book from their Kindle and then redownload it, they should get the correct version. Otherwise I think they would have to return the book and repurchase.

Thanks again for reaching out to me, and I am so sorry this happened to anyone. This is the nightmare scenario for any author, as I’m sure you know.