Going Wide


In the last few weeks I’ve talked about Amazon’s response to black market paid for page reads. While the company has tried to address a problem, they’ve also taken away legitimate page reads, suspended innocent author’s accounts, and threatened them with permanent bans for the bad acts of other people. Even though Amazon has more recently lightened their response by not automatically suspending author’s accounts, they are still taking hundreds and even thousands of dollars worth of page reads from author’s enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program without proof of wrongdoing and with the vague evidence of ‘suspicious page reads’.

As a result, many author’s made the decision to take their novels out of the Kindle Unlimited program, which requires exclusivity. A group of LitRPG authors who were negatively impacted by Amazon’s responses have not only published their titles to Amazon now but to iTunes, iBooks, Google books, Barnes & Noble, and a host of other sites including Scribd and Kobo, who have a KU like unlimited reader subscription programs.

I’ll be highlighting each author’s work on the LitRPG Podcast Facebook group and on our website to help spread the word about their work.

Universal Links for these Author’s works

R.A. Mejia


Dawn Chapman


RJ Castiglione


KT Hanna


Lars M


Michael Chatfield


WD Nix