MSE asks for help from Fans


Michael Scott Earle has sent out some information to people on his newsletter list asking for help with Amazon. According to the letter, which is long, he’s fairly close getting his publishing account reinstated. There’s a whole long explanation, but what it comes down to is that for a long time Amazon wouldn’t say why they suspended him, but thanks to lawyers, Amazon lawyers finally said that  "Readers were going through MSE's books faster than humanly possible, so we think he was cheating our Kindle Unlimited system."


This is BS, but isn’t limited to MSE. Every month for almost half a year, authors on KU have been getting letters saying that they’ve detected unusual page reads. Before, they just suspended authors but more recently they’ve just been taking away any KU reads they think are suspicious without any evidence of wrongdoing. Heck, I just put my novels back on KU, and with in a week got a letter telling me that Amazon was not paying me for suspicious page reads. It’s a huge flaw in their algorithms that think veracious LitRPG readers are bots.


Now, back to MSE and his request to fans and supporters (from MSE):


Amazon has asked to talk again with my lawyers in early January. They've asked me to provide a list of places where I have marketed my books and a list of any botting services I use. What I'm going to show them is a list of the Facebook ads I've run for the last year (it's the only advertising I do) and a huge stack of emails that you all have sent to Jeff Bezos (


So can you help me out?


Please email and copy me on the email ( so my lawyers and I can track them.


If my lawyers come to the meeting with a three foot tall stack of printed emails from my 22,000 fans. Amazon's lawyers will have to reconsider the whole cheating angle. It will be obvious that I'm just a great writer with a bunch of hungry fans, and not someone trying to game their broken system.


So, go help the guy out, he’s been banned unfairly and he’s a LitRPG author.