News from Mobile World Congress

This week Mobile World Congress convened in Barcelona. While there were great announcements and product demos we’ve collected some of the most interesting ones. 

Thermalphone – Predator Mode

Cat has built Flir’s standalone thermal camera into the body of the phone, alongside a regular smartphone camera. It allows the S60 to capture a live thermal image and measure surface temperatures, all while recording both stills and video.



LG also announced the LG 360 VR headset- with dual 1.88-inch 960x720 displays that connects to the LG G5 with a USB-C cable for processing and control. It will support YouTube 360 and Cardboard. LG seems to be dipping their toes into the VR field, having announced several products in the category. 


LG 360 Cam for 360-degree video- a dual-sensor spherical camera that captures 16-megapixel stills or 2K video also with support for YouTube 360. LG 360 cam seems to be taking the 'Go Pro model' of creating an efficient relatively inexpensive camera able to get people recording quickly.


LG announced the Rolling Bot, a spherical robot that has a camera, mic, speakers, IR blaster and laser pointer and can be controlled remotely by a phone app.


Samsungs new S7 and S7 edge to come with a free Gear VR and $50 of VR content if pre-order, while supplies last.


Samsung Gear 360 spherical camera -The dual-lens 360-degree camera has a flat bottom to rest on surfaces and a microSD card slot that supports up to 128GB cards.



HTC Vive VR headset- will sell for $799 with preorders starting February 29th. Shipping starting early April. That price includes two hand-tracking controllers and two Lighthouse laser tracking boxes for headset tracking and for a limited time, two free games.