Uber May Face Suspension In California

Uber has faced opposition in many countries around the world recently, most notably France. In the U.S. state of California Uber may now face a $7.3 million fine and possible suspension of its operating license.

The law in California requires Uber to give the California Public Utilities Commission operational data regarding accessibility. Uber’s subsidiary, Raiser, has claimed that they’ve given the appropriate data to the commission.  When additional requests were made that compromised user’s privacy, they refused to comply.

“This ruling–and the associated fine–are deeply disappointing,” said Uber spokesperson Eva Behrend.  “We will appeal  the decision as Uber has already provided substantial amounts of data to the California Public Utilities Commission, information we have provided elsewhere with no complaints. Going further risks compromising the privacy of individual riders as well as driver-partners. These CPUC requests are also beyond the authority of the Commission and will not improve public safety.”