Oculus Pre-E3 event summary

Oculus had a Pre-E3 event today in which they had some interesting announcements. Below is the summary of those announcements. 

·         ·       Oculus showed off the final consumer version that they’ll be shipping, note the integrated headphones for 360 degree audio and new comfort oriented head mount.

      Launch Games

·       Eve: Valkyrie- Puts you in the cockpit of a spaceship

·       RPG Chronos-where you try to solve a maze one a year but age in game and get new powers as you age.

  • Lucky’s Tail- 3D platformer


Partnership with Microsoft 

·    Gives access to Windows 10

  • The wireless Xbox One controller and PC adapater to be included

·       Can stream your Xbox One games to the Oculus in theater like experience

·         Investing $10 million dollars in Indie Game developers to create games for Oculus

Oculus Input Solution   

·    Their input solution-Oculus Touch

·       Looks to us like a Wii remotes with a special ring for tracking and extra buttons