Microsoft 84 inch Surface Hub $19,999

55 inch Surface Hub

55 inch Surface Hub

84 Inch Surface Hub

84 Inch Surface Hub

Microsoft’s announced Surface Hub will go on pre-sale starting July 1st and ship in September.  The Surface Hub is a wall mounted computer with an integrated touch screen coming in 84 or 55 inches. The 84 inch version will cost $19,999. The smaller, 55 inch option is a $6,999.

Other Specs:

·       55-inch display at 1080p or 84-inch at 4K

·       Displays locked at 120 HZ for no-lag writing

·       Optically bounded displays for extra clarity (as on the Surface Pro)

·       Supports up to 100 simultaneous touch points

·       Supports up to 3 pens simultaneously

·       Powered by Intel Core CPUs

·       2 x 1080p cameras and a mic array

·       HDMI, Miracast, NFC, Bluetooth, USB ports

·       Powered by a slightly modified version of Windows 10