Robert Kirkman gives details about new Walking Dead series

Fans of The Walking Dead eagerly await the premier of the spinoff show Fear The Walking Dead which premiers this summer. Recently, Robert Kirkman talked to the reporters about his new show Fear the Walking Dead. The good folks at Nerdist reported some of the details.


 The show is set in Los Angeles, Ca right before the outbreak of the Zombie Apocalypse. The story centers around Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis as two single parents, with kids from previous marriages, fighting to make a life together during the zombie outbreak.

While Kirkman confirmed that the spinoff show would not explain what caused the zombie outbreak he did say that the show would give the audience an early view of the world crumbling as outbreak begins and then spreads throughout LA. Kirkman also noted that the zombies in Fear the Walking Dead would be different than those in the original series. He described a much more ‘human’ walker, since all the zombies would be very new and not decayed as they were when Rick woke up. Overall, Kirkman noted that the outbreak in LA would be different story than the original but would still have the psychological tension and zombie action the fans have come to love.

We’ll bring you any new news about Fear the Walking Dead and look forward to seeing the show this summer.