Roku 4 announced

Roku has announced the latest update to its line of streaming players, the Roku 4. Roku is betting on its ability to stream 4K content quickly and smoothly. The new Roku 4 supports 4K content playback, it does so at a fast frame rate, with improved UI features from the company's latest software update and integration with the revamped Roku mobile app.

The Roku 4 has a quad-core processor, supports the faster 802.11ac WiFi. This is crucial when streaming 4K video.

The Roku 4 will be able to stream 4K content in up to 60fps, which means the picture you'll see will be super sharp and clear with vibrant colors that help images pop off the screen. Neither the new Apple TV nor the Amazon Fire TV can stream 4K content at 60fps.

The new Roku 4 will be $129.99 and expects to ship Oct. 21st 2015.