LitRPG Podcast 157

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I’m Ramon Mejia. I’m here to bring you the latest LitRPG news, reviews, and author interviews.  I have 6 new reviews just for you.

New Releases and Reviews:

Equalize (Ether Collapse Book 1) (Feb. 15th, 2019)


RPG apocalypse, little harder to get into but it eventually hooked me

Score: 7.7 out of 10

Underworld - Sanctuary: A LitRPG Series (18:45)

Now with town building

Score: 7.6 out of 10

VampQuest (21:49)

Hoped for something better, got a something bland

Score: 5 out of 10

Legend of the Sword Bearer: Tempest Chronicles Book 1 (26:46)

Feels like the author gave up on the RPG stuff at a certain point

Score: 5 out of 10

Djinn Tamer: Starter: A Monster Battling GameLit Adventure (Djinn Tamer - Bronze League Book 1)  (33:12)

Good try at writing a pokemon-ish LitRPG, but struggled to stay interested

Score: 5 out of 10

Sacrificial Pieces (The Gam3)  (45:12)

Twists and turns and so much RPG greatness

Score: 9 out of 10

LitRPG News

Underworld - Level Up or Die will be on a countdown deal for $1.99 from the 11th to the 18th.

Out Now!

Demon Lords (World-Tree Trilogy Book 2)

Beta Life: Digital Sorcery Book 1 (A LitRPG Series)

Viridian Gate Online: Nomad Soul: A litRPG Adventure (The Illusionist Book 1)

*One of the authors that submitted a short story to the author for their anthology, Viridian Gate Online: Side Quests: A litRPG Anthology*

Four: The Loot: A LitRPG/Gamelit Adventure (The Good Guys Book 4)

Gemini's Crossing: A Fantasy LitRPG Gamelit Adventure (Enora Online Book 1)

The Dungeon Traveler

Ghouls'n Guns: A LitRPG Series (Apocalypse Online Book 1)

Scrambled Lives: A LitRPG Novel

RE: Alternative World Online: Volume 2 (RE:Alternative World Online)

New LitRPG Audiobooks

Arcane Kingdom Online: The Chosen: LitRPG Adventure Series, Book 1

Changing Faces: New Game Minus, Book 1

Breaking Ground: Halcyon Rising, Book 1

That’s it everyone!

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