LitRPG Podcast 037 - Interview Jill Smith

Welcome everyone. I’m Ramon Mejia from the LitRPG Podcast. Today I’ll be speaking with the audiobook narrator for Adventures on Terra: Book 1 - Beginnings. The woman of a thousand voices, Jill Smith.  

Welcome to the podcast!


Intro (00:19)

Tell us a little about yourself and your background? (05:10)

First Audiobook you narrated? (08:54)

How do you choose which audiobooks to audition for? (17:58)

After the author picks you as the narrator, what happens next? (19:55)

So, you’ve done the recording. Do you do your own editing? (23:02)

What are you working on currently? (28:50)

Where do you come up with the voices you use? (30:57)

Would you mind doing some of the voices from Adventures on Terra? (33:42)

What are the easiest and hardest things about audiobook narration? (38:35)

All the noises your mouth makes while recording (40:17)

Is it different narrating a series instead of a one time project? (47:14)

Do you still have time to read? If so what are you reading right now? (52:38)

As both an audiobook narrator and an author yourself, what is your view on traditional publishing versus independent publishing? (55:39)

How do you market the audiobooks you narrate? (01:02:12)

What advice would you give someone that is interested in narrating an audiobook (01:09:00)

Outro (01:10:29)


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Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview.


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