Supers: Ex Heroes 3 - A Gamelit Space Opera


Leveling up and maximizing my skill trees, enemies cower, and my ladies want me even in the heat of battle. Good thing getting down with them unlocks my powers in ways previously incomprehensible, or we might never have stood a chance. 

We have a job to do, and considering that we're going after the pyramids where the villains have been stealing superpowers and storing them, we're going to need our wits about us. 

I wish someone had been able to warn me what I might find in those pyramids or that I might end up trapped within, having to take control while risking my sanity and ability to ever live a normal life again. 

There's also rumor of the Blue Lady being involved in this next mission. I haven't decided if that's a good thing or not, considering the fact that we met her as a revenge-crazed criminal aboard the prison ship. 

But hey, if she'll help us infiltrate the pyramids and take down Ranger, who am I to argue? It's all in the line of duty.  

This review is written by Ray Johnson of the LitRPG Audiobook Podcast and is for the audiobook version of the story.

Supers: Ex Heroes 3

A Gamelit Space Opera

By: Jamie Hawke

Narrated by: Justin Thomas James, Jeff Hays, Yvonne Syn, Carly Crawford

Length: 5 hrs and 20 mins


Hey gang, do you know what time it is in Bangkok? Neither do I but I can tell you it’s time for another SOUNDBOOTH SPOTLIGHT!!  What what what? Yep, that’s two for this show. I know. I try to space them out, but damn if SBT don’t bring the sexy out so often I didn’t have a choice.

I have to say that I am enjoying this series a lot, and I think it has gotten better in book three.  Last book we were missing Charm for too much of the story, and Charm is one of the characters who holds the book together for me.  She is the harem core. The story picks up where we last left off, with Breaker and his team trying to get to a location that will impede their enemy only when they get there things don’t go as planned and not everyone makes it out alive.

This is one of those books that manages to make the sex integral to the plot of the story, as in it is actually necessary to the plot.  Most Harem books simply include sex as part of the harem stuff, but here the MC, Breaker, has to have sex in order to maintain his powers.  The sex is fairly graphic in depiction, but not off putting. I will say that book one it seemed a bit harsher, especially concerning the heavy metal chick who only wanted her sex one way.  In this book the sex becomes a little something more. It has more depth and emotion to it and so actually elevates it above just a porn type event in the tale. Breaker and his ladies all care for one another, as a harem book’s characters should.  The story isn’t just sex intermingled with awesome action and super hero antics, although it mainly is pretty much that. It is also set in space. So it is sort of as if Peter Quill was getting it on with Gamora, Nebula, and Mantis sans Rocket, Groot, and Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The book is shorter in length but it is fast paced, filled with steamy action as well super powered battles.  I do believe that Hawke plans on writing quite a few of these books before he wraps up the tale, so the shorter length makes it feel serialized and episodic.  I will say that the story keeps me occupied and wanting more, so I’m all in for the next book.

The SBT burlesque gals clean house in sexy maid uniforms while JTJ plays a suave mother flicker.  Honestly, JTJ is so smooth he frictionless. Whenever I think of those most interesting man in the world beer commercials he’s the cat I envision (Put in Most interesting James Pic here).   The ladies really make this a fun romp. JTJ may play a naïve hero to a tee, but it is the gals that make you believe that Breaker has it going on. They tease and titillate with their voices to a point that it just isn’t fair.

Final score 8.1 stars.  The series maintains an even keel as it goes along.

Supers: Ex Heroes 3 - A Gamelit Space Opera

Score: 8.1 out of 10