Enhancer 2: The Enhancer Series, Book 2


Ty Wilcox didn't really believe in superheroes before he became one himself. Now, he has an incredible power he's just beginning to understand, lives in a mansion, and is in a relationship with two of the most amazing women alive.  

But when a flying, teleporting demon-woman appears outside his work, the price of his new life becomes apparent. 

There's a supervillain after the device that gives Ty his power. This villain will do anything to get it, and has an entire army at his command. The price of Ty's new life is never-ending danger.  

Warning and minor spoilers: Just like book 1, Enhancer 2 is an 18+ book intended for mature listeners. It contains sex, violence, and nudity. It includes very light gamelit elements, occasional bad language, and is set in a cyberpunk alternate future. Within it you will find threats, battles, destruction of property, evil plans, betrayals, wrongful imprisonment, major violence, death, and the unfortunate realities of living in a world dominated by mega-corporate greed. The malevolent boss from book 1 is still there, as is the monstrous bad guy. But so are the gorgeous superheroes who are comfortable with unconventional, harem relationships, and there might be someone new in that mix as well.

This review is written by Ray Johnson of the LitRPG Audiobook Podcast and is for the audiobook version of the story

Enhancer 2

By: Wyatt Kane

Narrated by: Chris Graves

Length: 7 hrs


You may recall me reviewing Enhancer some time ago, it was a decent book and received a score of 7.3.  I think the writing has improved, the story is tighter and streamlined and I liked the introduction of what looks to be a fourth member of the burgeoning Harem who may join the gang in the future.

Kane clearly builds upon book one in every way that counts.  I think that he could flesh out his characters a bit more and expound on the romance/attraction with the first two girls.  I’m not saying that they are one dimensional, but the Angie the Hut character is more of a caricature than anything else, but she is just an example.  I think all of them could be built upon some more, but I will say they are more realistic this time around, and I am more forgiving of details. Just because female deer don’t have antlers doesn’t mean that they can’t be modified on to someone if they want them.

That leads me into some of the more interesting parts of the book.  The world itself. Kane does a great job detailing various things from cosmetic to the cybernetic.  The world is a secondary character and is as alive as any of the other characters. There is a lot going on here and we get a pretty good taste.  I always say that every superpower has been thought of its how you employ them in a story that makes them cool. Kane does manage to make his heroes and villains fun, and I could see them in action.

He book picks up pretty much where the first left off.  Ty, oddly is still working a crappy job and struggling to reconcile his hero life with his life as a normie.  Then a teleporting demoness of a character, Lilith shows up and throws his life into utter chaos. Can he trust her?  Should he? How will he tell the other girls?

Chris Graves elevates this story.  His narration is on fleek, whatever that means.  He plays Angie to perfection, and gets inside of Ty’s head quite nicely.  I always appreciate his work, and know that if he’s narrating then the story will be better for it.

So, here’s the part that you ask me about the naughty business.  After all isn’t this the naughty show? So, I have to say it has an nice representation of sexy hotness without going into penthouse of hustler territory.

Final score 7.9 stars.  Lots of changes for the better, and if they were changes they were additions that book one missed.

Enhancer 2

Score: 7.9 out of 10