Collecting The Goddess: A LitRPG Adventure (Chronicles Of KieraFreya Book 1)


What is a billionaire heiress supposed to do when all of her older siblings take to business like her parents, proving that business is in their blood?

But not hers.

There are many good choices. Unfortunately, Chloe decided that partying was the right one.

Now a requirement to keep her money requires her to attend daily meetings with the family psychologist—a daily meeting about how she should change her life to change her future.

The worst part? The meetings are before noon, so she has to get up early.

Then he presents her with an offer.

Invest in a new game company and become the first player to stay inside their full-immersion pod.

For two years.

Two years away from her parents looking down on her, and not having to listen to her siblings and their success?


There is only one problem…

Chloe’s avatar connects to a Goddess of Retribution who doesn’t remember her past.

Following the rabbit trail of armor to help the goddess will require more responsibility from Chloe than she has ever accepted in the past.

Will she return to being the party girl of her past, or will the Lagarde daughter tempered in fire from her upbringing wake up?

Go up and click Read For Free or Read Now and find out if Chloe Lagarde has what it takes to help a broken Goddess.

And herself.       

My Opinion: 616 pages, $4.99, Available On Kindle Unlimited

Overall, the story felt like a VR adventure story with some notifications and stat increases that didn’t really matter. After the 10% mark, the MC gets a ton of unearned power and is really led around by the nose on her adventures.  

A lot of the story felt like it was paint by numbers or was trying to fit some LitRPG mold instead of being original. Nothing particularly bad, but not really interesting either. The unrealistic behavior for the main character and obvious plot holes that fed into the cyberpunk sub story were just annoying. There’s also this in-game inconsistency between NPCs being aware of the game and not. The established game mechanics are also ignored when the story needs them to be. As the story goes on the RPG progression lessens more and more and you can kind of tell the author got tired of continuing with the RPG mechanics and notifications. 

Storywise, this is only ok. The setup isn’t terrible but there are some really big plot holes and story twists that don’t make sense. Otherwise, it’s random adventuring fighting various bad guys/monsters, making online friends, and fighting with her equipment. Very little world building or character development.

Overall, while this is technically LitRPG, the RPG aspects don’t really matter to the story and this feels more like a VR adventure story. Not bad, but not good either, at least not for me. It feels more like a half effort from an otherwise good author.

Score: 6 out of 10

Collecting The Goddess: A LitRPG Adventure (Chronicles Of KieraFreya Book 1)