Extension (Game World Book 1)


The main character has never played computer games. By happenstance he finds himself in the Game World. Rules are quite simple – complete quests and get higher level. Firstly, it looks like it’s easy. But how can he fight with stronger opponents, which came to this game earlier, and stay alive? He must do it, because he has only one life left.

My Opinion: 194 pages, $9.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Sort of a meh LitRPG story. Only different thing here is that the main character (MC) hires a couple NPC assistants for quests. The other RPG stuff lacks choice with the MC getting an auto level class of in-fighter. Dialogue and action descriptions are stilted and awkward. There's not much that's entertaining here.This feels like a badly translated story.

Overall this has a ‘meh’ story, but poor dialogue and combat, and general writing make this unenjoyable.

Score: 4 out of 10

Extension (Game World Book 1)