An Adventurer's Heart: Book 2 of the Adventures on Brad


Having returned from their time with the Army, Daniel and Asin must now complete the Dungeon in Karlak. To do so though, they will need to get better gear,more Skills and higher Levels. Taking a quest, the pair must leave Karlak to travel across the Kingdom of Brad and learn a few life-lessons along the way.

The Tales of Brad series is a traditional fantasy story with LitRPG elements.


My Opinion:175 pages,  $3.99, Not available on Kindle Unlimited

Daniel and Asin continue their daily adventures. If you really liked book 1 then you’ll enjoy book 2. I liked book 1 but thought the first half of that story was a little slow and didn’t get really good until near the end when there’s that huge invasion.

Book 2 doesn’t have anything like that invasion to make the story more interesting. It’s basically, ‘the daily adventures of Daniel and Asin.’ Which is not bad. Plenty of people are ok with that kind of story. I’m one of them. There’s still dungeon diving, advancement of skills, interpersonal character development.

The first 30% of the story is honestly a little boring as Daniel and Asin travel to another large town on a fetch quest. Once at the new town the the pace of the story does pick up and there’s some neat interpersonal development as well as good action as the duo quests and dungeon dives.

However, unlike book 1. There’s nothing in the story that raises the novel above a ‘daily adventure’s story.’ So, while I wasn’t bored with the novel, I wasn’t riveted either. It’s an easy read that you can pick up and put down without feeling any pressing need to continue the story.

Score: 6 out of 10

An Adventurer's Heart: Book 2 of the Adventures on Brad